Watkins Children’s Chewable Vitamins

Your children deserve the best. Give them vitamins and minerals for optimal physical and mental development, plus green foods and living lactic cultures to keep their immune systems strong and healthy.*

Children generally have the worst eating habits of anyone. That’s ironic, because it is at this young
age that their immune systems are weakest, and children require solid nutrition for proper growth and development. Experts agree that it is vitally important for children to take supplements to
guarantee they are getting all the vitamins and
minerals their growing bodies need. Watkins Children’s Chewable contains more vitamins and minerals than the leading brands, plus whole fruit and vegetable concentrates and lactic cultures. Sweetened with fruit sugar—no sucrose or
aspartame! 60 caplets; two per day (one per day under the age of 4).

• More vitamins and minerals than the leading brands: Not just in number, but also in potency. Contains twice the carotenes (mixed, not just beta carotene), and two-thirds more vitamin C, plus the important antioxidant mineral selenium not found in many other brands.
• Whole food concentrates: Contains concentrates of 33 whole fruits, vegetables and green foods. This provides a source of protective compounds called phytonutrients, which have antioxidant and other properties.*
• Lactospore® living lactic cultures: Beneficial bacteria similar to those found in yogurt, but more potent. These bacteria inhabit the intestine, aiding in proper digestion and elimination of toxins, as well as supporting the developing immune systems of growing children.*
• All-natural color: Unlike the leading brands, Watkins Children’s Chewable contains no dyes.
• Naturally sweetened: Sweetened with pure fruit sugar (fructose); contains no sucrose (table sugar) or aspartame, as found in leading brands.
• Chewable: Recommended for youngsters not yet able to swallow caplets easily. Natural flavors and colors appeal to kids. Please Note: Unlike our other dietary supplements, Watkins Children’s Chewable does not contain our Watkins Bio-Activator™ Blend of black pepper and ginger. These spices, if included in a chewable product, could result in a taste that would be unpleasant
for children.
• Childproof cap: Preserves freshness; lets adult control vitamin intake. Vitamin overdose can
be dangerous for anyone, especially children.

(30-day supply; 60-day supply for children under 4 yrs.)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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